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Carved glass Judaica was a lost art for more than a century, when Val and Steve Resnick re-introduced it some 30 years ago.Today, the Resnick Studio remains the world's foremost source for exquisite carved glass Judaic art. These beautiful, inspiring works combine timeless style with contemporary materials and concepts.

Resnick artistry graces museums, synagogues, offices, and residences. Each heirloom-quality piece is lovingly designed, painstakingly handcrafted, and signed by the artist. We offer some in limited, numbered editions. Owners range from world leaders to newlyweds. Purchasers are discerning people who recognize the quality and value for their personal collections, for presentation to colleagues and benefactors, and for gifts at weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, and birthdays.

For such blown-glass items as cups, bowls, and decanters, we work with the finest glassblowers to create material to our specifications. For items like mezuzzahs, menorahs, and presentation pieces, we cut and assemble selected flat glass in our studio.

We complete the original concept by sculpting our three dimensional designs into each piece. The result is a collection of decorative, useful items that enhance life-cycle events and family gatherings. Designed to be treasured for generations, they enrich present moments, and seed future memories.

Choose from our established designs, or let us work with you on creating pieces especially for you or your organization. Each hand-made object reflects a unique expression of the artist; no two are identical. Even the subtle variations in glass itself add to the singular character of each piece.

Please click here to view some of our most popular and noteworthy offerings: for display, for ritual use on holidays, to celebrate life-cycle events, and for presentation as award and recognition pieces. Please contact us to discuss the many possibilities for custom designs, dedications, and personalization tailored to your needs. Ask for the location nearest you of galleries and fine shops offering Resnick Studio originals.

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